Safi Bridge and Potash Culvert


Cost: USD 2.35 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Location: Ghour Al-Safi, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: Construction of Reinforced Concrete Bridge over Wadi Hasa Crossing with Amman–Aqaba highway with a total length of 135.0 m.

  • Construction of 8 cells 3.0 x 3.0 m box culvert at Potash site.
  • Road pavement layers including bituminous binder and wearing course for about 0.6 km of the main highway.
  • Road furniture such as road signage, markings, hand rails, guard rails and studs.
  • Gabion walls for Wadi banks and stone grouted rip-rap.
  • The construction of a temporary detours complete with all necessary Wadi Hasa protection, signage, and markings.