Mkawer Ma'in Hot SPA Connection Road Project


Cost: USD 13.5 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Dar Al Omran Consultancy

Location: Maíin, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: This project comprises the construction of 9.0 km length of new rolling terrain, mountain road, one major reinforced concrete box culvert (5 cells 4.0 x 4.0 m) and about 400 m length of high reinforced concrete and gabion walls. The project was situated in a highly geographical location with profile shapes exceeding 18% of unstable soil with high water table.

The project comprises Excavation works, embankment construction, pavement layers and asphalt binder and wearing course. It also included curbing as well as road signage, marking and railing and other incidental works.

The project is located in a rough mountainous terrain area where large amounts of earth cut and fill were executed (exceeded 100 m high).