Rehabilitating the Paving Layers of the Qatraneh Road


Cost: USD 5 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Arabtech Jardaneh Water & Environment

Location: Karak - Qatraneh

Status: 100% Completed


The project includes the rehabilitation and maintenance of a total length of 16 km part from (Karak-Qatraneh) road, in both directions, with a width of 10 meters in each direction, starting from the Qatraneh Bridge on the desert road up to station 16+000, in addition to preparing traffic diversions during the construction work including the following:

  • Rehabilitation and construction of pavement layers for 16 km, including the construction of road aggregate sub-base and base courses, bituminous concrete binder and wearing courses, tack and prime coats, etc.
  • All earthworks necessary to the completion of the work,  including embankment, roadway excavation, including removal and disposal of unsuitable material and dirt within existing median,  existing asphalt pavement, speed bumps, ditches, sub-grade preparation, back-filling, filling and compaction, watering, rolling, sheathing, and sub-grade and slope finish. It also includes existing curbstone and pavement.
  • Replacements of the existing bridges expansion joints 
  • All miscellaneous related works, including road furniture and signage.