Jordanian Northern Border Road Construction


Cost: USD 11.5 Million

Client: United Nations office for Project Service (UNOPS)

Consultant: United Nations office for Project Service (UNOPS)

Location: in Military Zone on the Syrian border

Status: 100% Completed


The target area for this project is the road between towers # 42 to # 54 along the northern, Syrian border, the project consists of rehabilitation of 60 km of the existing road (Northern, border road) ) in addition to 5 links of approximately 10 km total length. The Rehabilitation & construction of pavement layers including construction of road aggregate sub-base & base courses, bituminous concrete binder and wearing courses, tack & prime coats, etc. 
  • All earthworks necessary to the completion of the works, including embankment, roadway excavation including removal & disposal of unsuitable material & dirt within existing median, existing asphalt pavement, speed bumps, ditches, sub-grade preparation, back- filling, filling & compaction, watering, rolling, sheathing, & sub-grade & slope finish.
  • Installation of new guardrail and Installation   &   Furnishing   Highway   signs, Post   assemblies   &   overhead   gantry structures, including construction of all necessary concrete and reinforced concrete foundations and including all sign panel lettering. 
  • Removal of existing Signs, transport & the Furnishing and application, or installation of the traffic marking & raised pavement Markers & All miscellaneous related works such as Maintenance of existing Signs including but not limited to cleaning of sign plates, repainting of sign postsÖ, etc. 
  • The Rehabilitation and/ or construction of all necessary drainage structures including pipe and box culverts, together with inlet and outlet works, lined and unlined ditches, energy dissipaters, storm water drainage facilities, grouted rip-rap and all necessary protection works.