Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) UOJ Street-Sweileh-Yajouz


Cost: USD 17 Million

Client: Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

Consultant: Greater Amman Municipality (GAM)

Location: University of Jordan Street - Swuayleh-Yajouz

Status: 100%


The Amman Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) is the cityís first modern, high-capacity public transport system. Funded by the French Development Agency (AFD), the system includes over 20 km of segregated bus lanes across Amman, as well as modern stations and terminals. This project (Mega Package 4) consists of the Works of Package 4- University of Jordan Street and Package 4B Sweileh -Yajouz as follows:
  • Design review, modify and redesign.
  • Demolition and utility relocation including telecommunication, electricity, sewage and storm water networks.
  • The construction of three bus terminals including pedestrian steel bridges with stairs, elevators, and escalators.
  • Construction of a 3.5 Km BRT route comprises two lanes in addition to express lane, constructed predominately of flexible pavement with the rigid pavements at stations.
  • Construction of bus stations.
  • Street pavement extension, and asphalt overlay.
  • Construction of sidewalks, medians and islands, finished with various types of tiles.
  • Construction of retaining walls for BRT route, split levels and boundary walls.
  • Extension of two existing underpasses.
  • Construction of new storm water drainage system.
  • Traffic signals.
  • Street lighting