QAIA North Run Way Rehabilitation Project


Cost: USD 17 Million

Client: Airport International Group

Consultant: Aertes Solutions (Spain)

Location: Amman, Jordan

Status: 100% completed


Works were bounded by the 4080m x 300m runway strip plus two 240m x 150m Runway End Safety Areas (RESAs) beyond each end of the runway strip. In addition, the full extent of both approach lighting systems was also part of the scope of the Project.

  • The works can be divided into six main areas: Runway  paved  areas  (runway,  runway  shoulders  and  stop ways)  -  297,000  sqm Approximately. Works in these areas include cracks reparation (most are superficial but some  require  deep  repairs),  milling  and  full  reconstruction  of  the  top  course, safeguarding of  airfield  lighting  systems,  minor  relocation  of  most  inset  runway  lights  and associated electrical works.
  • Graded portion of the runway strip - 289,000 sqm approximately. Works include  delethalisation  of  all  existing  concrete  elements,  elimination  of obstacles,   general   grading,   clearing   and   compaction   as   per   ICAO requirements -    Runway  End  Safety  Areas  - 72,000  sqm  approximately.  Works include delethalisation of all concrete elements, elimination of obstacles, general Grading, clearing and compaction as per ICAO requirements, relocation of Localizer Antenna, its shelter and its associated Near Field Monitor.
  • Non-graded portion of the runway strip -586,000 sqm approximately, Works comprise general clearing as per ICAO requirements.
  • Taxiway paved areas - 52,000 sqm approximately. Works includes expansion Works includes expansion of the existing taxiway paved shoulders, relocation of taxiway centerlines lights and associated electrical works. 
  • Airfield lighting systems. All airfield lighting systems were refurbished in order to bring the whole runway airfield lighting system back into full CAT II operation.