As Salt Ring – Section 2


Cost: USD 37 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Dar Al Omran Consultancy

Location: AL-Salt, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: The projcet includes the construstion and comletion of As salt Ring Road- Section 2 an approximately ( 7.130 ) km of primary 4-lane divided highway that begins at the end of the constructed As salt ring road – Section 1 at Sta (7+538) and ends after the crossing with As Salt / Wadi shuayb Road at Sta (14+669 ) . the project includes the construction of the road and the interchange at wadi Shuayb Road. The scope of work covers the construction and completion of the following;

  • Approximately ( 7.13 ) Km of the main road beginning at south of balqa Applied Science Universtiy Intersection at Station ( 7+538) and ending after Wadi Shuaib Interchange at station ( 14+669 ) .
  • A link to As Salt industrial Estate of 295 m length and 4 – Lane divided dual carriade way section .
  • An Interchange at the crossing with Wadi Shuayb Road at Sta ( 13+948 ) consisting of an underpass, ramps and loops .
  • A number of at-grade intersections and U-turns .
  • Reinforced Concrete Retaing Walles as Cantilever and Counter fort section .
  • Relection ( or new construction ) of utility consisting of electrical, telecommunication, water, sewer lines and others.
  • Removal of the existing asphalt at cetain sections and clearing and grubbing of the area over which the new embankment and other works are to be constructed . No direct payment will be made for this work.
  • All earthworks necessary for the comletion of the work, including embankment, roadway excavation, borrow, ditches, subgrade preparation , backfilling, filling and compaction, watering, rolling, subgrdae and slope trimming .
  • Construction of pavement layers, topping layers, sub-base course for the roadway and shoulders .
  • Construction of necessary drainage structures including pipe and box culverts, together with with inlet and outlet works, lined and unlined ditvhes and protection works .
  • Construction of the interchange .
  • All road – related miscellaneous works including traffic signs, road furniture and lighting for the underpass .