Aqaba Oil Terminal Development Project


Cost: USD 12 Million

Client: Aqaba Development Corporation (ADC)

Consultant: Associated Consulting Engineers International

Location: Aqaba, Jordan

Status: 100% Completed


The Oil terminal is located on the south shore of Aqaba, next to the LPG terminal recently executed by our company, The scope of the project has been established by the need to increase the efficiency of the operation, safety and to protect the environment in Aqaba Oil Terminal. In addition it will comprise upgrading the road tanker terminal, the oil jetty and berth facilities to allow safe berthing and DE berthing operations on a 24/7 basis for unloading/loading of crude oil, refined product and LPG and Miscellaneous chemic Liquids.

The main scope of work includes design, supply of Installation the following:

  • Oil spill containment booms (in the sea).
  • Truck loading arms: 14 bays each 2 top and 2 bottom loading arms, total=56.
  • Steel structure Shed for the loading area: 230x20 m2with.
  • Concrete slabs demolition and replacement for the loading area: 15,650 m2.
  • Cathodic protection for the existing piling and piping, if deemed necessary.
  • 4 No. Walkways between dolphins (steel structure).
  • Surveillance cameras for both LPG and Oil terminal.
  • Outdoor lighting to allow night operation.
  • 8 No. Quick release hooks, with central control and remote monitoring.
  • Study of the existing firefighting system and upgrade to CDD approval.
  • Deluge Foam-water firefighting system for truck loading area.
  • Navigation and sector lighting systems.
  • Control and Emergency shutdown system for Oil terminal operation.
  • Berthing approach system.
  • Rehabilitation of the electrical installation.
  • Fire station building (1000 m2)