Upgrading of Zarqa -Azraq-Omari Highway


Cost: USD 169 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Engicon Consultancy

Location: Zarqa, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: The project includes the construction, completion, road signing and markings, and drainage structure of the Upgrading and Rehabilitation of Zarqa – Azraq highway to four lanes separated by 20m wide median, and other related works including two interchanges, in addition to two underpasses.
The work includes the following :

  • Upgrading of Approximately (47.3 Km) of existing road to four lanes divided highway by new constructions of two lanes adjacent to the existing road, and rehabilitation of the existing road.
  • Two interchanges.
  • Three overpasses over the main road for minor cross roads, in addition to slip ramps, cross roads diversions and tapers
  • Construction of retaining walls, and drainage structures consisting of box and pipe culverts and protection works
  • Construction of temporary detours as deemed necessary.
  • Relocation or new construction of utilities that obstruct construction.
  • Relocation of Air Force cable by excavating a ditch of 40cm wide by 80 cm in depth at the end of Right of Way, to be used by the Air Force for laying the cable.
  • Relocation of utility lines that interfere with construction, including electric and phone poles, army camps walls, utilities and structure.
  • Construction of temporary and permanent detours
  • Reconstruction of Landing strip of the road by removing the asphalt layers , scarifying the existing base, adding addition sub base aggregate, mixing with water, compacting. Adding base layer, two binder layers and wearing courses.
  • All earthworks necessary for the completion of the work, including embankment, roadway excavation, borrow, ditches, subgrade preparation, backfilling, filling and compaction, watering, rolling, sheathing, and subgrade and slope finish.
  • The construction of road granular sub-base, aggregate base coarse, bituminous concrete binder and wearing courses, prime coats, etc.
  • The construction of all drainage facilities including extension and new pipe and box culverts together with culverts inlet and outlet protections works, lined and unlined ditches and protection.
  • Removal and laying of around 13km of 600mm Ductile Iron pipeline for Al-Halabat and Azraq main pipelines.
  • The construction of all miscellaneous related works such as New Jersey barriers, road signs, road painting and markings
  • Removal of existing bridges.
  • Removal of the Traffic Light at the ZARQA - AZRAQ – MAFRAQ intersection, from the existing location to the ministry stores.