Street Rehabilitation and Furnishing, Landscaping of Madaba Historic City


Cost: USD 9.2 Million

Client: Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities

Consultant: J.V. Technical & Dar Al Omran

Location: Madaba, Jordan

Status: Accomplished on schedule


  • Rehabilitation and reconstruction of street pavement.
  • Construction of water distribution network which comprises the following:
  • Construction of DI main pipelines of 100, 150 and 200mm of a total length of 5.3 km.
  • Construction of new water networks of HDPE pipelines of 125, 63, 25mm of a total length of 21.25 km.
  • Construction of G.I pipelines inside the Houses and transferring of about 1900 cubic meters of water to the new locations.
  • Connection and disconnection of the old network and the new networks including all testing required by Water Authority of Jordan.
  • Reconstruction of sidewalks and connections to the shops and house entrances (stairs and steps).
  • Construction of street lighting with underground feeder network.
  • Underground electrical power transmission lines (selected roads).
  • Underground telecommunication lines (selected roads).
  • Construction of water distribution network.
  • Construction of storm water distribution network.
  • Refurbishment of existing sewer lines (if required) and completion of missing house connections.
  • Vertical and horizontal traffic signalization.
  • Urban Furnishing, streetscape and landscaping.

Remark: The Popeís visit took place to the site during the ongoing construction activities. An exceptional requirement was placed for this project to squeeze the completion of the track of the Pope in 18 days instead of 4 months. The activity was accordingly completed and the deadline was met to make the visit successful.