Shiekh Hussein Border Center


Cost: USD 6.7 Million

Client: Ministry of Public Works and Housing

Consultant: Dar Al Omran Consultancy

Location: Irbid, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: This project includes the construction of all infrastructures for the Border Center as follows:-

  • Potable main water pipelines and network comprises DIP pipeline and HDPE network.
  • Sewage networks.
  • Storm water pipelines, manholes, and inlets.
  • Electrical and telecommunication ducting.
  • Excavation and embankment construction and rock fill works.
  • Topping, sub-base and base course layers.
  • Curbing and sidewalk tiling works.
  • Hot bituminous binder and wearing courses.
  • One reinforced concrete bridge (20m span)
  • Two box culvert the length of which is about 1.0 km
  • Road marking and signs.
  • Soil stabilization in various locations throughout the project and under the location of the location of the entire road for trucks (TR).