Dead Sea Development Zone Early Disposition Project accelerated Package


Cost: USD 4.1 Million

Client: Jordan Development Zones Co

Consultant: Mostaqbal Engineering & Environmental Consultants

Location: Dead Sea, Jordan

Status: 100% completed

Scope: Construction of roads & water, Wastewater, storm water & irrigation utilities within the extent of the promenade .

• Roads work :

The Project includs the constrcuction of approximately 2.5 Km of roads, including 9m wide Promenade, two roundabouts and a 7m width access road connecting to the existing Dead Sea Highway service road . The work include the following :

  • Unclassified excavation .
  • Embamkment Construction .
  • Construction of 25cm sub-base .
  • Construction of 20cm Base-Course .
  • Construction of 7cm Binder coures for the roundabouts & the Access road .
  • Paving the Promenade with Interlocking Concrete Tiles .
  • Construction of curb stone along the roads edges .

• Wastewater Collection Network :

The Project includs the supply and constrcuction of the followings:

  • UPVC gravity pipe lines of 200mm diameter .
  • House connection of 150 mm diametere .
  • DI force main pipes of 200mm diameter incuding all fittings & all types of manholes and fittings .

• Water Network:

  • The Project includs the following :
  • Supply and Construct DI pipes of 200mm, 250 mm and 300mm pipes for water distrinution main including all appurtenances, fittings and valves .
  • Supply and construct HDPE pipes of 125mm, 63mm and 32mm pipes, and about 44 No.s house connections, including all fitting and valves .

• Irrigation Distribution Network :

  • HDPE main lines of 125mm, 110mm, 50mm and 32mm diameters with total lengths of 635m. 2200m, 500m respectively including all appurtenance, fittings, and isolating valves
  • Electrical field wiring, armoured cable 2X4mm of 3000m.
  • Storm water collection Network
  • GRP pipe lines of 800mm, 700mm and 600mm, and Upvc pipe lines of 500mm, 400mm and 300mm diameters and all type of manholes, water inlets and fittings
  • Cocrete pipe and box culverts .