Water loss reduction in the middle Governorates project; Restructuring & network rehabilitation measures for Madaba City


Cost: USD 5.5 Million

Client: Water Authority of Jordan

Consultant: JV Dorsch International and Sigma Consultancy

Location: Madaba, Jordan

Status: 100% completed


  • The Works involve the hydraulic restructuring, isolation of zones, primary system, tertiary network reinforcement and rehabilitation, and upgrading the pump station to the elevated reservoir; within the City of Madaba and surrounding villages.
  • The Works consist of, but are not necessarily limited to, the following:
  • Water primary distribution pipelines DN150 to DN300, length approx. 8.45 km;
  • Water tertiary network PE63 and PE125 length approx. 42.5 km;
  • Approx. 1,370 house connections.
  • Upgrading of reservoir pump station including installation of 2 no. pumps of flow 200 m3/h and head 35 m, 1 no. pump of flow 20 m3/h and head 35 m and 1 no.
  • electromagnetic flow meter.
  • The Contract is for supply and installation.